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Dysnec Pharma is an ISO 9001:2015 certified pharmaceutical company and among the industry leaders in the Indian market. Established back in 2009, a decade-long experience in the field of pharma technology and marketing have helped the company to emerge as India’s one of the topmost PCD Pharma companies operating in Chandigarh.

At Dysnec Pharma, our well established world-class testing facilities and technology-based innovative developments ensure that we provide a wide selection of medical products that are of optimum quality. Simultaneously our systematic and secure distribution measures across India ensures that our high quality healthcare products remain easily accessible through affordable prices. Our team of industry specialists make sure that each of our products undergoes an effective quality assurance check.

Simple & Secure

Quality medical products delivered to you in a simple, structured, and secure process.

Guaranteed Quality

Pure and highest quality healthcare products from an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.

Minimum Priceset

Highly accessible medical products brought to the market at the least possible prices

Expert Support

All your queries answered and solved with professional support from our expert team.

Nation-wide Accessibility

Dysnec Pharma offers PCD Monopoly rights to experienced and dedicated drug sellers and distributors around the country. Being a PCD Pharma Franchise of Dysnec Pharma, you help us to reach each and every corner of the nation, thus making our high quality healthcare products easily accessible to common people.

The opportunity not only ensures that our affordable products reach the necessary hand in time, but also helps you to enhance your marketing scale in specific regions without any competition.

Technology-based Control

Dysnec Pharma utilizes advanced technology and innovative medical processes to develop modern medical solutions that meet the requirements of the 21st century medical world. Our integrated approach in quality control of each product ensures minimized risks of errors and future problems, thus delivering medical products of optimum quality.

Our commitment to developing new medical technologies and effective quality assurance ensure better treatment compliance and dosage convenience across the Indian market and beyond.

Quality Assurance

We check the quality of our products at every step of development, manufacturing, packaging, and make sure that each operation is efficient, accurate, and environment friendly.

Monopoly Pharma Franchise

Our PCD distributors get access to monopoly rights of our company in their region, ensuring that they sell pharma products without any competition from our company.

Product Range

Dysnec Pharma is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company. we provides 300+ highest quality of medical products at minimum prices. Our own manufacturing units develop products.

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