Quality Assurance

Delivering highest quality at lowest prices

Quality Assurance

Dysnec Pharma is an ISO 9001:2015 certified pharmaceutical company and among the industry leaders in the Indian market. Established in 2009, a decade-long experience in the field of pharma technology and marketing have helped the company to significantly enhance their manufacture, supply, trade and distribution of a wide range of Pharmaceutical Medicines.

At Dysnec Pharma, our well established world-class testing facilities and technology-based innovative developments ensure that we provide products of optimum quality. Our team of industry specialists make sure that each of our products undergoes an effective quality assurance check.

Ensuring quality at the core of our business

As a market leader in the Indian pharmaceutical field, we are driven by our commitment to deliver medical products of highest quality and make them accessible to each and every corner of the country. Our pharmaceutical products cover varied segments including, Antibiotics, Antibacterial, Antimalarials, Cardiovascular & antidiabetics, Nutraceuticals, Dental, Dermatology and Ophthalmology, Ayurvedic medicines, among others.

Our Aim

We aim to develop products that meet the required standards of the market and provide highest quality medical solutions at minimum prices across the nation.

Expert Team

Our expert team of specialists look over quality assurance and ensure that each product remains perfectly safe and effective.

Quality Control Process

Dysnec Pharma’s stringent quality control process, which ensures supreme quality of drugs through step-by-step inspection and testing.

ISO Certified

Being an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, we take unparalleled measures to ensure optimum quality of our products.

Moral Obligations

Our morals and business ethics obliges us to manufacture and deliver premium quality healthcare products.

Optimum Security

With our effective quality assurance system we make sure that our products are reaching to the people through secure and safe means.

Manufacturing Units

Dysnec Pharma products are made at own manufacturing units, thus continually maintaining full control over product quality.

Technology-based Control

Dysnec Pharma utilizes advanced technology-driven innovative processes throughout the life cycle of the product. The integrated approach ensures that the risk of errors and future problems are significantly reduced throughout the quality assurance process, thus delivering the best quality of medical products through secure means.

Dysnec Pharma Pvt Ltd has established a strong capability of providing latest formulations & will always be one step ahead. We are committed to developing new technologies that bring innovation in the drugs development process. Through our quality assurance we ensure better treatment compliance and dosage convenience across the Indian market and beyond.

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