INR 320

Our product is a superior quality product made under expert guidance and with latest equipment. Our wide range of products include Antibiotics, Analgesics, Gynae Care, Nutraceuticals, Injectables, Syrups/Suspensions, and various Ayurvedic preparations among others. The products are manufactured at our own 4 manufacturing units under our various divisions.

Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we take great measure in ensuring that each product is manufactured with delicate care and optimum security. Each of our products undergoes effective and thorough quality assurance testing, operated under expert chemists. Our world-class chemical-testing facilities and implementation advanced innovative technology enable us to develop perfectly pure, safe to consume, effective, and highest quality of drugs. Our products aim at preventing, curing, and treating 21st century ailments and diseases, and are trusted by the topmost hospitals and doctors across India.

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